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About us

Om Steel Industries was established by its founder late Shri R.D. Arya in the year 1963 with an aim to provide “TOP QUALITY” auto accessories for two wheelers and three wheelers.

In the initial phase, the company had production range of 40-50 different products and achieved excellent results. With the encouraging response from the market, the company is now producing approx 400 different kinds of products.

The company is rendering its services with quality products to India Yamaha Motor (Pvt.) Ltd, Honda Motor Cycle and Scooter India Private Ltd. for their vehicles for the last couple of years. The company is executing supply of its products in the market throughout India with service span of 51 years to the nation.

The company also entered the market abroad and exporting its products to countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, dubai and Sri Lanka for the last 15 years.


Only the fittest and finest survive to be among the leaders. However to remain there, it takes a little more than the survival of the fittest-And that's perfection, Perfection that lies in every detail of Sourcing, Crafting, Networking, Living up-to the expectations and finally maintaining that same perfectionism.

The company believe that quality is the lifeline of every business. We are committed to satisfy our customers by manufacturing and supplying quality products to their entire satisfaction first time and every time with continuous up-gradation in the quality.

Now the company is in pursuit of perfection and excellence and at the same time on inspiring to strive for higher standards as well.

It will be our pleasure to establish business relations with new buyers and display a true sense of commitment to buyers who understand quality.

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